It’s A Celebration


As my college experience has come to an end, all I have to say is “God, I thank you”. I have been through multiple challenges, some ending good and others ending not so good. When I first went into college as a freshman at the prestigious Hampton University, I just knew that I had my life planned out completely. I told everyone that I wanted to be a travel nurse eventually but I was first going to work in a hospital setting for about a year or two (which I’m sure it actually takes longer) and was going to graduate with a 3.5 GPA or higher. Well, staying at Hampton didn’t go on for the second year, I transferred first chance I got to the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. I didn’t exactly hate Hampton, but I was truly, truly becoming home-sick from my family; six hours was entirely too looooong for me and plus, I did not have a car. After transferring, it seems as if my college experience became a lot more challenging. I was denied to two programs that I thought was the path for me BUT I ended up where I told myself I was not going to major in, Communications. Surprisingly, I found a way to keep health involved in my major by just adding it as my concentration, and I loved it! My grades were increasing each semester, I didn’t feel as stressed out, and I actually had more time to just live my life instead of always studying.


Graduating in August was not a thing back in January beginning second semester. I was telling people, “I’ll be done in December 2018”, and I could not wait! I was completely over school and mentally drained. Well, I was given the opportunity to finish school this summer, by taking two classes each summer semester…sooooo, I took it. I’m not going to say it was easy but I got through and NOW I’M DONE!!! I’m more than THANKFUL especially for the love and support from my family and friends. Through all the hardships and challenges, I manage to meet great people, join organizations, enjoy life while I could, and most importantly, I fully gave my life over to God, and I was able to learn just a little bit more about myself. So, I think I’m ready to take on the challenge: 1) finding a job that I love, 2) create new memories with my loved ones, 3) travel, and 4) really live life!
If you are in college, or a first-year (freshman), here’s five great tips that I learned throughout my college years and I hope that they help:
Tip 1: Stay in your teacher’s office, like every moment you have!
Your teachers love students who make an effort at being great. No matter if you are passing the class with an A, or if you failing the class with an F; you stay in your teacher office, you get better results (that’s all I’m going to say)
Tip 2: Get Involved!!!
Being involved is major a key. You not only learned about yourself but you learn about the people around you. Rather you go to a small or big college, the only way you will meet people and gain long lasting friendships is through networking which means GETTING INVOLVED!!!
Tip 3: Studying is important!!
Okay, this definitely comes with the person. You have to know how studying works for you. I know I had to study different ways, for different classes! You may be somebody that can study the day before an exam for all of your classes and pass, that’s great! Just take the time to actually study for all of your classes..even when you feel like you don’t need too! College only gets harder from your freshman year.
Tip 4: Have Fun!!
Please, please enjoy all four years of your college experience! I enjoyed college for the most part but not like I could have. I was too afraid to have too much fun because I felt like I would lose focus on my academics. WELL, I’m here to tell you, go out on the weekends, have fun, and be safe!
Tip 5: Being around Positive and Motivated People is a plus!!!
So, this tip is the most important! You will definitely have moments where you are depressed, feeling alone, frustrated, and streeeeesed out!! It is just part of college and that’s okay. That’s why having a good circle of positive and motivated people, helps. They motivate you, keep you going, and feel less crazy. Talking to your loved ones help too (I constantly stayed on the phone with my sister)!
And let’s not forget that having a relationship with God, is always, always, definitely a plus!!! You will find yourself praying, reading scriptures, and running to God. No this does not happen to everyone, BUT for me, God became my everything!

3 thoughts on “It’s A Celebration

  1. I’m very proud of u and I knew u could do it all along. This is just the beginning of your life and God is about to use u in a mighty way

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  2. Hello, I am a friend of Tavy’s. I have been trying to tell my 15 year old about college life but your blog says it all. She will he reading your blogs. Thank you so much.

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