Finding Your True Happiness

Happiness is simply defined as…

A state of well-being and contentment Pleasurable or satisfying experience

But honestly, when we think of happiness, what do we truly think of? Are we thinking of happiness as who makes me happy? What can make me happy? What are the things that can keep me happy? For me, I found myself not even knowing what actually made me happy or keep me happy until about a week ago.

Tia Simone, posted on her INSTA story asking a very good question:

“What ‘simplistic’ thing brings you the most happiness”?

Such inspiration right? It’s almost as if you think you can answer that question right off the back, but if you don’t truly know yourself, how could you? Since I’ve finished school, it’s like I’ve constantly been trying to understand who I am. What it is that I want out of my life? And most importantly: What really makes me happy?

Tia Simone encouraged each person to just simply take some time, and write down 50 things that make you happy. Once the challenge was completed, she explained that the purpose of this challenge was to help you understand “what really makes you happy”, and use this as a stepping stone to continue to understand if you needed to add on to your list of happiness or not. Overall, the message was truly to understand ones “self-awareness” of what makes them happy, sad, or even angry. So, here’s a challenge to my readers, take the time out and do some soul searching and figure out what really makes you happy. Once you figure out what should be on your list, then write it down, and share (if you want). If you do plan to share it, you can use the hashtags: #happinesschallenge & #unsensored. 

Above is the list that I completed for the challenge of 50 things that makes me happy (which is not in order of what make me the happiest). At first, I didn’t think that I could do it completely because of my current situations of trying to find who I am as a person but as I started making the list, I realize that it was plenty of things that really do make me happy. So that’s why I’m simply encouraging everyone to fulfill this challenge and know that it is okay if you don’t have 50 things to put on your list, as Tia Simone said; it is allowing you to do some soul searching for yourself and find your true happiness. So, I want to leave you with three good tips to remember when creating your list:

  1. This list does not have to be something that you share with others unless you want too. So don’t hold back on your list, because it is your list of happiness!
  2. Don’t think about what others may think about your list if you did choose to share your list. Your list is something that is for you, so if you want to list names, places, or things; guess what, that’s fine because it’s not their list!
  3. Have fun when creating your list! As said before, if you can’t think of 50 things for your list, that’s fine, you know that you have work to do to find things that make you happy. And whatever you decide to write your list on (e.g., phone, paper, computer), make it creative so that it can motivate you to keep adding things!

If you take on the challenge and want to share it to any of your social media, make sure to use the hashtag, #happinesschallenge & #unsensored



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