Six Years of Being Natural

As a woman who has been natural for about 6 years, I have not embraced my natural hair with any confidence until literally a month ago when I colored my hair. I can never get my hair to do what I want it to do. When I do get my hair to look flawless, I … Continue reading Six Years of Being Natural

Living the Christian Life in this Generation!

It's always been a complete challenge to be a born-again Christian and a 22-year old female living in this generation. I'm still young, I want to live my best life, and I find myself wanting to do worldly things sometimes.  Every Christian has had their battles (and I'm not saying the battle ever end), and … Continue reading Living the Christian Life in this Generation!

How’s Life as a College Graduate?

Post Graduation Depression: under-reported, but similar to motherhood (postpartum depression). This depression is hard to find but is most commonly found in ages 18-25.  The symptoms could possibly be; “negative perspective, decreased in motivation to get out of bed, a sense of hopelessness, and the use of substance abuse. Lack of connection with friends which leads … Continue reading How’s Life as a College Graduate?