How’s Life as a College Graduate?

Post Graduation Depression: under-reported, but similar to motherhood (postpartum depression). This depression is hard to find but is most commonly found in ages 18-25.  The symptoms could possibly be; “negative perspective, decreased in motivation to get out of bed, a sense of hopelessness, and the use of substance abuse. Lack of connection with friends which leads to loneliness, and have some trouble in motivating themselves for a job”.

I could not wait to graduate from college. I was ready to jump-start my career and help change people lives for the better.  I’ve discussed before in my first blog post that I had the pleasure of graduating this past August, with a Bachelor’s in Communication Studies. This summer, I intern with a nonprofit organization that I truly enjoyed, “thought” I was going to be able to land a full-time position with them but was not granted the opportunity. Before I even finished school, I was applying for jobs each chance I had, hoping to land an interview and be working before finishing my last final. Well, I was completely WRONG! Honestly, I had applied to over 30 plus jobs, and did not hear back from a single one…crazy right? 

I thought after graduating from college, I was going to be traveling the world, have this amazing feeling like I’ve accomplished something but honestly, I’m not motivated anymore and I don’t have a sense of determination for anything. After about a week of feeling like this, I realized I was struggling with post-graduation depression, yep, that’s a REAL THING. For most days, it was a complete struggle getting out of bed, to find the energy to set goals and put them in action, and even search for jobs online. I hated everyone that was posting about their successes on social media, I was crying for no reason, I just wanted to lay in the bed all day and watch Netflix, and I just didn’t want to text anybody anymore. I was a complete mess, and the one question that aggravated me the most is: “So, what’re your plans now that you have graduated” did not help my situation. One thing that has shocked me the most though was starting my blog, and actually taking time out to write for it every week. I’m definitely not saying that I was incapable of doing it but with the way I was feeling about everything in my life, I just figured, I didn’t have the motivation to start it..well look at me now! 

I’ve learned quite a few lessons while being depressed after graduation but the most important is it’s not about finding a job but finding out who you are. What brings you happiness? What is your passion? How can you help others? & What is the one thing that you want to do for the rest of your life as a career? And all of this truly takes time to figure out (which is really about to drive me crazy).  I’m thankful for the process though because I truly don’t just want to jump into a career where I’m not happy and I only accepted the position because of desperation. I don’t know long it’s going to take me to figure out my passion, my happiness, my career, or whatever else but I’m willing to go through it. Being at this stage in my life is driving me insane, but I have all the support I need, and I have my God beside me! Philippians 4:13 say: “I can do all things through Christ that strengthen me”.

Because I’m still going through this stage of my life,  I don’t have any tips to suggest, or know how to tell anybody how to get out of it…But, I do want to say to my future college graduates, and to the ones that have recently graduated, you are not alone! Truly, don’t get discouraged because of where you are in your life, find that small piece of strength and fight for your future!



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