Living the Christian Life in this Generation!

It’s always been a complete challenge to be a born-again Christian and a 22-year old female living in this generation. I’m still young, I want to live my best life, and I find myself wanting to do worldly things sometimes.¬† Every Christian has had their battles (and I’m not saying the battle ever end), and with those battles, as a Christian, you just turn away and run quickly to God like never before.

Before I made the complete decision to become a¬†Child of God fully (which just indicates: I knew of God but I was not ready to get baptized yet or fully give my all to God),¬†I always figured that I had to stop living, not enjoy being around my friends (which indicated no partying, no hanging out, and not being in a holy environment). Of course, I had people to educate me, but c’mon, how many really listen to that “Oh you can still enjoy your life” saying…I know I didn’t and plus I was still in high school…I didn’t want to give away all of my freedom just yet.

By my first semester of college, I still have not surrendered my all to God. I was just having a relationship with God when I wanted too (like it was a part-time job). I even told myself when I went to college, “I’ll give my all to God when I finish this first semester because I would have had all my fun by then”… (yeah right) I was all for living by my own rules, but still wanting my blessings from God. I played around for a good year or two, just keeping my part-time relationship with God because it was completely working for me.

IT ALL CHANGED, in a blink of an eye. A friend & I was sitting in the student union on campus one-night eating dinner, three people walked up to us, asking us questions about did we know about God, were we saved, and can they pray with us. And normally I don’t listen to too many people that walk around campus trying to “preach” the Word of God, but something was different about these individuals. I felt connected to them by God somehow. So, we allowed them to pray with us. After that prayer, they invited us to come out to mini bible study sessions on Thursdays, so we accepted (oh, and you know that free food was involved, lol). Attending these weekly Bible Studies became like a habit, and if¬† I didn’t go, it felt like I was letting God down. I begin to commit to reading a bible verse daily or even the whole chapter sometimes, I vow to find a church up there to go too (which they invited me to their church as well), and I had vowed to stop having a part-time relationship with God and have a full-time relationship with him.

Things started moving pretty fast after the vows I made to myself, and before I knew it,¬† I was becoming President of¬†Students for Christ,¬†which was an organization that was started on Old Dominion University by Pastor John Das, who is the Pastor of Revive Church in Charlotte. So understand, that it was only a selective few of us that was coming to bible study on a daily, but it somehow came down to two of us being in the position to be chosen, which ended up being me for President! I’m not saying that I wasn’t ready, but I wasn’t ready lol!¬† I knew when I got this position, that I was going to have changed a lot of things I did….people were now looking up to me (well, that was my thinking). A good six or seven months later, I was getting baptized and renewing my relationship with God. It was never easy managing a religious organization and a huge load of school work. The last two semester of my college career, I was placed in a hard place. I had to teach for two full semesters, weekly to college students, a lesson about God, and I was terrified. I didn’t know about teaching God’s word, and how to dig deep to get understanding. Oh, did I surprise myself…I got the job done!

Living the right life with God involved is never easy. I’ve had times where I have fallen short of God’s word and completely wanted to throw in the towel. Even being on this journey with God, I’ve lost or grew further away from friendships, let go of toxic people, and develop a more open mind when dealing with situations and people. I knew that if I didn’t have this relationship with God, I was going to be a complete mess! I was already going down the road path, my first two years of college but I knew that I needed a change, the right change. I’ve become more vibrant, warmer at heart, gain more confidence, fearless of spreading God word, and not becoming weary for good-doing.

Staying encouraged by reading devotionals, listening to sermons, attending church and bible study, and just being around Godly people with positive mindsets; makes living the Christian life in this generation much easier!

Below I’ve listed a couple of scriptures to keep you guys motivated and keep fighting the good fight of doing good because it will pay off.

  • Galatians 6:9 (NLT)
  • James 2: 14-26 (NLT)
  • 1 Corinthians 3:10-15 (NLT)
  • 2 Timothy 2:20-21 (NLT)

I’m hoping that my personal experience of living the Christian life has inspired many of you to not worry about what others think, but have a full relationship with God, and still enjoy your best life!



2 thoughts on “Living the Christian Life in this Generation!

  1. Love this soo much Shanavia. I’m glad to see more people draw closer to God especially during times like this when the world is changing so quickly. It can sometimes be hard, but like you said, listening to sermons and gospel music + having close Christian friends makes it a whole lot easier. You can’t be of the world and serve God at the same time, but sadly a lot of people are misled. Keep fighting the good fight sister. The reward comes one day!

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