Six Years of Being Natural

As a woman who has been natural for about 6 years, I have not embraced my natural hair with any confidence until literally a month ago when I colored my hair. I can never get my hair to do what I want it to do. When I do get my hair to look flawless, I literally do not even be trying. When certain seasons roll around like Fall or Winter, this is when I’m completely over doing my hair, and my wash n’ go are not the best (especially doing winter). So this is the time when I get a protective style done (such as braids, or a crochet) and be fine from October to January (so I have like a week left in September to figure something out, lol).

When I first became natural, I did NOT chop my hair off at all! My transition was pretty easy. I would get a blowout every two weeks and I WOULD NOT put heat on my hair until my next appointment. I know I said my natural hair journey started off easy (I was lying lol, but it actually did) but it was moments when I would be just completely aggravated with it being straightened (especially if you on social media and other people natural curls are popping). I was thinking to myself,  I want my hair to be just like theirs. I would constantly watch Youtube videos, and try to do my hair just like theirs, and honestly, that did not work. So back to being straight because I had refused to put in the work for my curls to pop. Even with my hair being straightened though, it was still a lot of work. You really, like really have to make sure that the temperature is perfect so that your hair will not fuzz up or even start having that one little curl piece start. It could not be raining, cloudy, or even too hot outside, or I will just keep it wrap and put a hat on. I had to get all my money worth!!

When my hair was not straightened the first two or three years of me being natural, I would just get braids (this was even before crochet became a thing or I heard about it). When I did found out about crochet, OMG, I fell in love! I don’t even get braids (like Box Braids or Senegalese unless they are crochet). So if you have not tried them yet, try them, you will love them! Anytime I would get braids or crochet styles, my scalp would be intensely dry. Crochet not so much but it still didn’t change the fact that my scalp was dry and my edges never laid down. And edge control does not work on my hair, like at all unless I just don’t know what I’m doing. So any suggestions would be extremely helpful for both the dryness of my scalp and what I could use to lay down these edges because I’m ready to get some more braids, and October is coming!!!


I’m seriously starting to embrace and love my natural hair, but summer is over, and I have to let go of my wash n’ go (because they never work in the colder seasons). The products I’m using though, I love it because now I know how to use them. My only goal for my next wash n’ go before I get braids is to get my hair to stretch. I swear the shrinkage on my hair is too real, and it drives me crazy! I have to give a shout out to Kimberly Cherrell on Youtube, her personality and her hair are amazing!!! She’s definitely my #HAIRGOALS!!! (I’ll make sure to add her information below). I have seriously been learning a lot from her, and that’s why when I do my wash n’ go, it is popping and lasting so long (and I do not use every product that she uses). I’m learning though that being natural, you seriously have to have many deep conditioners, shampoos, detangling products, and curling creams (which can be pricey) but you have to learn which ones work best for whichever hairstyle you are trying to get for that week or for a couple of days.

Just some quick advice —- Being a Natural, African American woman is not easy! In the workplace, the public, or even with people you know; you will get a lot of questions, compliments, and some stares, but that’s completely fine! Rock your Natural Hair, Embrace the Way You Look, and Love Yourself! Even add color if you want, because I sure did, and I don’t regret!


Kimberly Cherrell Information — Youtube: & Instagram: kimberlycherrell 

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