Why Blogging?

I absolutely love writing, well I hated it in college (lol). Now, it’s one of the things that make me who I am. When I first consider becoming a blogger, I was still in college; I had entirely too much on my plate and I just knew that I would not have time at all to maintain a blog and post weekly.

When I decided to release my blog officially in August, I keep questioning, what would people like to hear about? I would start writing, and delete it; it was like a habit I built for about a week (lol). Eventually, after researching into other bloggers, I realize I should just blog about my personal experiences and adventures that included God, my goals, depression, family, travel, events, college, etc. When I wrote up that first blog post and hit the publish button….it was no turning back! I was scared; terrified actually but when I got so much support, love, and feedback from my first post, I was overwhelmed with joy. I’m still working on building my brand, who I am as an individual, and what I want people to remember me by. It’s been almost two months since I’ve released my baby “Un-Sensored” (#unsensored) and I truly feel like I’m a part of the #bloggergang; I’m constantly connecting with bloggers on a daily, and it’s honestly quite fulfilling.

Last week, I had a friend remind me of how great my writing truly was and how it was inspiring them to push forward in their life. Before this conversation, I was honestly battling with if my writing was inspiring my readers. It wasn’t any feedback or engagement coming through like I wanted, so I thought my writing was terrible. It’s funny how God works; before this phone conversation with my friend, I just had a conversation with my sister about how my viewers were not improving, and how the engagement on my Instagram post was just not there. She told me “Shanavia, it’s only been a month since you release your blog. Give it some time to grow and for God to bless you and what you are planning to do”.  After she said that I just sat back and thought to myself like wow, she’s right. It just truly felt like I was blogging longer than a month but she was right, I have to give it some time because it wasn’t happening overnight.

If someone was to ask me right now, “why blogging”..my answer is simple: it’s a lifestyle for me. It’s something I truly enjoy doing. Writing and reading have always been a part of my nature, I just simply never seen it as a passion. I’m not blogging for others exactly, I’m more so blogging for myself and doing something that brings out the best of me. I’m letting my hair down with this, and not letting fear take control.



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