First Week on the New Job!

The first week on any job is always tough but my first week in the corporate world, it was like “oh, I’m an adult now, and it’s time to put your big girl pants on”. So, yep, I was terrified, still am because I don’t know what comes after this in my life. Is it going to move too fast for me or would it still allow me to stay on top of my game? Yeah, my first week had me thinking about a lot. It feels good though to say that I’m now a working woman, working a full-time job with weekends off. Oh yeah, that’s pretty dope.

My first week moved pretty fast. Training was done in two days, with me now being on my own. I’m still able to ask questions for understanding but to have someone watch over me to make sure I’m doing everything right is a no-go in the corporate world. The job is pretty fast-paced for the most part, and I love that. It keeps me going. Keeps me thinking. Working hard. It allows me the ability to have freedom (but that just depends on your boss). I have the freedom to socialize, move when I want, and to just be me and enjoy ways that allow me to stay focus in my workspace. My workspace is not what I quite imagine but it’s probably what I need. To not have the ability to isolated others around me. To take me out of my comfortable zone and be free within myself and get to know others around me without being caught up in the work gossip.

The hours are amazing (8-4:30pm) but the wake-up call at 6am is not. It’s the worst. I am so afraid that I would oversleep for work and get fired (which I hope will never happen). The traffic is so terrible in the mornings with everyone trying to get to work that it forces me to leave home like a whole 30 mins before work for not even a full 15 min drive, maybe like 12 mins. I can’t complain though, I get off at a decent time to beat the afternoon traffic. My first week, I was late to work by three mins because of traffic so I had to make some adjustments for both my sleep and being on time. So, now I’m in bed before 11pm, and sleep by at least 11:15pm. I have to leave home at 7:30 in the morning, no later than 7:35 to ensure that I don’t be late for work. Yeah, it sucks but having this job now keeps me on my peas and cues, ensuring that I keep myself professional and together at all times.

Waking up at 6am in the mornings now makes it even harder to find a routine to work out on a daily. I try to push to go on my lunch breaks but then I find myself fighting with just eating and relaxing on my break or taking time out and walking on my break. The mornings are darker now, and the afternoons at the track is more crowded. I know that my lunch break time would be perfect to walk and get my mile in but for one, I don’t want to be too sweaty sitting at my desk, and I never know when the weather will permit it. As I’ve mention before, I’m also trying to find ways to write to keep my blog going weekly, and doing it on my lunch was the plan but it’s not working. I’m trying to walk, eat, and write all in one hour, it’s hard finding my balance. Suggestions are well needed.

My first week was exceptional though and I’m actually excited to see what this new job brings to my future 😊 so stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “First Week on the New Job!

  1. Well done on your new job! I’m sure when you get use to the routine it will become easier for you. I know you’re busy but I find working out at home using YouTube is effective

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