Good Friends are Hard to Find

Finding good friends is just truly hard to find. It’s like you are always fighting the battle of knowing who is truly a good friend and who you consider a bad friend. You meet some amazing people throughout your life and you imagine for every friendship that you have to last forever, but sometimes it doesn’t. Some of you have the same friend since elementary, middle, or even high school; listen that is amazing!!!! I commend you. It means you guys know how to work through your problems, actually communicate with one another, and just enjoy each other company.

Let’s be real though, the friendships that don’t last very long is for one reason only: lack of communication. Communication is everything in everything that you do. I had some amazing friendships through my lifetime, but honestly, things change, probably more so for me especially these past two years. I truly do miss some friendships that I have had over the years but the communication between us just fell off. Sometimes it can be nothing completely wrong with the friendship but it just somehow grows it’s distance and things becomes awkward.

Good Friends 

Those good friends are not toxic at all for you. You may be on two different paths, heading two different directions but you still manage to keep the friendship going. Have friends that are positive, and encouraging, and dream chasers. Don’t mind seeing you prosper, grow, and enjoy your life. You always want a friend that you consider your ride or die. They are always there with no questions asked.

Bad Friends 

We all have plenty of examples of some bad friends and you just had to send them on their way. They just always negative, want to keep you down, and just don’t want to see you happy at all. The friendship is almost making you feel like you can’t breathe around them. Shoot, it’s almost like a bad relationship. Nobody wants a friend that is always jealous of their success or encouraging them to not move forward in their goals and ambitions. Just depressing honestly. You can’t say nothing around them at all, or you can’t even call them out on the things that they do without them falling victim all the time. It becomes like a full-time job of babysitting your moves, and the things you say, and nobody wants that around them. So if you have friendships like this, evaluate it, and slowly let it go.

Don’t be afraid to let a friendship grow internally either. Growth means good things! Listening and Support is some of the main qualities of a good friendship. Those two qualities can overpower everything else bad in that friendship. Being a good listener for anybody is always effective communication. You taking the initiative to put everything down and listening to what they have to say and you don’t reverse the conversation to be about you. Always be there for your friends. We all have those moments or life issues that come up and we can’t be there to support everything physically but you can be their emotionally. You can support from afar, and still be their number one fan.

“A good friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have. There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. There’s nothing like a really loyal, dependable, good friend. Nothing.”

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