The Season to be Thankful!

It’s the Season to be Thankful..

Actually one of my favorite times of the year. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, I just really sit back and just enjoy my surroundings. The season where I take one night and praise God for many things in my life.

  • My trials and tribulations throughout the year. The things that I could not control, but he brought me through it. The things I could control but manage to somehow make the wrong decision, he brought me through it. Even the things that snuck up on me and just had me questioning the ability of God, but he brought me through that as well.
  • Being thankful for life itself. For being able to get through my moment of depression. To take the life that I have and enjoy it. To live it to my best potential, and walk the path that God, himself has set out for me. Believe it or not, this year has been a battle for me mentally, but I made it! I’m here to say that God is able. God is awesome. God is love.
  • The passion that he has instilled in me. My biggest struggle this year. I truly was fighting with myself since last year about where I belonged in this world. I was planning out my life before God was even putting me in the path of greatness. When I reflected back over the year though, I told myself he put me exactly where I needed to be, when I needed to be there. At the beginning of the year, I was truly enjoying mentoring students at a local middle school in Charlotte, volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, and doing so much more for others. This past August, he made a way for me to release my beautiful blog. The thing I always wanted to do. So I believe I’m living out my passions every day.
  • To deal with things that made me uncomfortable. Believe it or not, I was tested highly this summer on this. I hate being in situations that I know is not good for me but I do it for purposes of getting by. I’m not a person of conflict. I hate negativity. And I realize just this past weekend, I hate confronting old problems. But this summer, God truly put me in situations that he knew would make me uncomfortable to see if I can handle myself accordingly. I’m still trying to see if I pass the test or not (lol).
  • To simply enjoy my own happiness. You ever had that fear of enjoying your own successes and happiness because you didn’t want anyone to feel less than? That was me this year. I was fighting what I was feeling for myself because I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable but in the end, it was making me uncomfortable. It was keeping me back from being happy for myself, and to celebrate when things are great for me. Now, I’m living my best life (trying too anyway, lol).

My reflections for the year was not for me to make an instant change after this weekend, it was for growth, happiness, and understanding for the future. When I was going through most of these things, I was not looking at it as it deserves a praise on my end. I was actually complaining about 80% of things that I listed. I wanted to be happy and have changed this entire year but I was not willing to endure the season God actually had me in.

I’m thankful for the year though. I’m happy now, and I’ve learned that I truly want to live in the moment and simply enjoy my twenties.

Challenge yourself to take one night before the year is over with and reflect on the things that you now can praise God for. After you praise God for those things and see what they are…if they need more work, plan to work on them the following year; if they don’t need work, then simply keep in there and make sure to display it at all cost.



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