Dealing with Grief over the Holidays!

I'm a witness that grief is never easy over the holidays. I've been silently struggling for the last 15 years holding in my thoughts and feelings about my grandparents (mother parents). Most people would have thought that was unhealthy, but for me, I saw it as my coping mechanism. The first three years after they … Continue reading Dealing with Grief over the Holidays!

#Goals: 2019 Vision Board

Two weekends ago, I had the pleasure of attending Melissa Channel #Goals: BOSS Talk & Vision Board Party that was sponsored by Pardon My Fro & One Hope Wines where we received some great tips from Dana & Melissa on how to be motivated and unfearful of our journeys in becoming #entrepreneurs and/or #fulltimebloggers even if it requires you quitting your … Continue reading #Goals: 2019 Vision Board

Negative Situations, Positive Outcomes.

Nobody wants to live in a negative situation with a negative outcome...everyone wants a positive outcome. Rather it is dealing with family drama, sickness, friendships, relationships, etc. We all want to feel like we are living our best life, and have nothing but positive vibes surrounding us. As a person that's extremely big on positive … Continue reading Negative Situations, Positive Outcomes.