Negative Situations, Positive Outcomes.

Nobody wants to live in a negative situation with a negative outcome…everyone wants a positive outcome. Rather it is dealing with family drama, sickness, friendships, relationships, etc. We all want to feel like we are living our best life, and have nothing but positive vibes surrounding us.

As a person that’s extremely big on positive vibes in my life, I dislike negative people. I think of it as if you can’t help me with challenging situations on a positive level, then why do we associate? I know it may sound rude, but it’s true. We all know that have negative energy with a challenging situation, only make it worse or make you feel worse.  That type of energy makes it extremely hard to move through your issues. Encouraging people is always a plus in your life!

What really made me want to discuss this topic in a blog post is because two Sunday’s ago, my pastor preached on this very thing. He preached from Philippians 1: 12-21, and gave three very important tips to help you get these negative situations by living a positive lifestyle.

Tip #1: Acknowledge the things that God has called for you to do in your life. Fulfill the purpose that God has given you. You don’t want to get sidetracked from living the life that he really intended for you to live by living it on your own terms. If you a believer, you know that God truly makes a way out of nowhere. Refer to Philippians 1:21, as it discussed that living is living for Christ (or in better terms like Christ), and dying from this world (or in better terms of this sinful world).

Tip #2: Live as Christ did. I kind of went into a little detail in the first tip but live and treat people like Christ did. Jesus had some hateful people surrounding him, wanting him to be dead but he still treated them as any other person. Just because that person is such a negative person, and you really dislike being around them, still treat them with so much kindness. Be positive in their challenging situations. Your blessing will come from that.

Tip #3: Speak Positive Things. Refer to Philippians 1:6, as it discussed that God works on you every day. We sometimes get discouraged because things are not going the way we want them to go but in the end, God will bring it all together. Don’t ever let your circumstances of feeling stuck of not accomplishing anything, keep you from speaking positive things over your life. Always, and I mean always speak nothing but positive things. It’s like you are practically speaking your own life into existence. So if you think negative, you get negative outcomes.

Always keep in mind that whatever you were doing to receive those blessings from God, don’t ever stop doing it when you do receive it! You’ll make God feel like you were using him only to give you what you wanted at that moment. God has feelings too!!!



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