The Importance of Dating Yourself

When you mention the word "date" around people, they automatically assume it's with another person. No one ever thinks of it as you doing it with yourself. It's not that people don't think you can go on dates by yourself but throughout the different generation, the term "date" or "dating" has meant many things. As … Continue reading The Importance of Dating Yourself

Focusing on What is More Important: SELF!

Every year, around this time...everyone sets these major goals, decide on who they cut off and who they not, and finding what they need to change around them. Sometimes, we forget to actually focus on what's important: self. The idea of self-love, self-care; things that don't involve others. For 2019, let's change it up some. Take … Continue reading Focusing on What is More Important: SELF!

Goal Setting for the New Year

Don't think of your goal setting as a resolution for the entire year. Think of it as something you are trying to accomplish within a month, a week, or even a day. We have all done it. Set about 10 goals for the new year, say we will start on the 1st of January...all because … Continue reading Goal Setting for the New Year