Goal Setting for the New Year

Don’t think of your goal setting as a resolution for the entire year. Think of it as something you are trying to accomplish within a month, a week, or even a day. We have all done it. Set about 10 goals for the new year, say we will start on the 1st of January…all because it sounds realistic. We do good for about the first month, maybe until mid-February and then we stop working on achieving that goal. Our mindsets changed, and we don’t want to fulfill the goals we set as much as we did when January 1 hit!

It’s just all about realizing that January 1st is just another day. So rather you start your goals before or after that date…the outcome of those goals depends on you. I say set a goal with a goal meaning; example, if you are trying to build a website in 2019, give yourself a reason why and then tell yourself when it will be ready. It’ll help you understand why this is a goal.

I am no saint on goal setting perfectly but I am learning. Over the years, I found myself constantly setting these list of goals, and each year it was pretty much the same list. I did not accomplish any of those goals. I was just giving myself something to go on but not realizing I was just disappointing myself by the end of the year. So…for the new year, I wanted to do some things differently with my goals. I definitely did not make a long list of goals this time. I set three main goals for the first three months of the year.

Setting my goals like this allowed me:

  • to limit my goals to what’s more important NOW. It doesn’t allow me to set so many goals, forget about them, and then never accomplish them. I just thought it was so much better to plan in the upcoming months.
  • to keep my goals for my brand and my personal life separate.  Only because I know as a person, I would combine the two, and feel like I have so much to accomplish and so little time. So this way just keeps my mind at ease!
  • a deadline. It’s not a quick deadline (like next week) but it’s a deadline that gives me a time frame. A time frame that I can work with and make goal setting easier.
  • to be less frustrated. I don’t have to worry about 10 things all at once and when I’m going to finish it. I can think properly on what I’m working towards and know that it will be accomplished within the three-month marked period.

Goal setting properly is not an easy task! It truly takes a lot of focusing on what you want out of your life, and that’s why I mention “stating the why” in your goal. You help yourself understand why something is a goal versus just wanting it to be a goal. So, take some time out this week, and just really focus on what you have set as a goal in the new year and give yourself either a three-six month time frame for that goal. And don’t forget to have an accountability partner to make sure you are always staying focus!






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