Focusing on What is More Important: SELF!

Every year, around this time…everyone sets these major goals, decide on who they cut off and who they not, and finding what they need to change around them. Sometimes, we forget to actually focus on what’s important: self. The idea of self-love, self-care; things that don’t involve others.

For 2019, let’s change it up some. Take a moment, embrace your current surrounding, and understand and think of what season you are in right now in your life. Okay….after identifying the season you are in; ask yourself these three questions: How much of your life truly depends on other people around you? How can you tighten things up in your life that may be going wrong for you or even right? Can you make a list that solely depends on just yourself? 

My answers to all of these questions were truly not based on myself and I knew that needed to change so, I decided to follow these THREE TIPS for myself entering into a new season of my life:

Not holding others to the same standards as self. Not everyone is so big about being there for you like you have been there for them. Yeah, you think they should. You think they should be these amazing people to always be there or you or know what you like and what you expect out of situations but they don’t. And the same individuals that you “think” should be there…sometimes don’t suppose to be in the next season of your life. 

Making sure that you have positive and good people in your life at all times. Prayer definitely works for moments like these. The moment where you can go to God and ask him to show who should be in your life and who should not. When you do that, you’re asking him to guide your friendships on a whole different level. Always keep people in your corner that wants to see you prosper and be happy!!  

Doing things that make YOU happy. Your happiness matter more than anything. If you can’t think of 10 things that make you happy, then you know it’s time to re-evaluate some things. You never want to feel like you have to go to others to endure your happiness. If you need help with understanding how to address your happiness: check out my blog post on Finding Your True Happiness (by just clicking on the link). 

Leading toward God through prayer, always help with shifting your focus back to what’s important: self. It’s just always good to know what makes you as a person, you. Always remember: you can’t pour into others if you don’t focus on yourself.

“Self” is always way more important.




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