The Benefits of Attending a Weekly Bible Study

Bible Study is a way that as a Believer, you are able to dig deeper into the meaning of what you are reading in the Bible. To learn God’s viewpoint and to have a daily walk with him. 

Below I’m listing THREE benefits of attending a bible study near you:

  1. The ability to grow spiritually with God. 
  2. To ask questions, understand from others, and receive feedback from your own understanding of what you have read. 
  3. Build and connect a spiritual relationship with others around you. 

I know that for me personally attending a weekly bible study where you can ask questions, gain knowledge and understanding helps! As a new believer or a renewed believer, you will learn as time pass that it’s hard to stay on the straight and narrow path. You fall short and most of the time when you are not around others, you will find yourself in many difficult situations trying to get out of it. Having those spiritual relationships with others always helps because when you feel yourself falling short, you know you can call on them so that they have a bible study with you or even pray with you.

Don’t think of Bible Study as something that you have to go too, but always think of it as something that helps your relationship with God grow. I understand that it’s never easy to be in attendance every week at Bible Study but find at least one good spiritual friend that you can call up or meet up with and have Bible Study. I found myself doing this a lot in college when I gave my life over to God. I wanted to stay uprooted, grow my relationship with God, and just stay focus on where God wanted to take me. It not only helped my spiritual relationships but reading and studying God’s word consistently really helped with my other relationships.

Before I knew it, I was able to go out among other believers and non-believers and teach God’s word. Let them know how it had changed my life, and where God was taking me. I always encouraged the ones I would teach too, to make sure that they read the bible for themselves and put their own personal examples in play to help them develop a better understanding.

So, this week, I want to encourage you all to take one day to have a Bible Study with a spiritual friend or attend a Bible Study somewhere near you (where you can ask questions); once you do, I’ll love to hear about your experience; so just follow me on any of my social media handles below or head over to my Contact page and let me know! Don’t be shy.  I love gaining new spiritual friends.










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