22 Lessons Learned Before Turning 23

Each year when I turned a different age, I always find myself making this list of how I have changed or things I’ve learned from before I hit a new age. It is just a way of showing me how I’ve grown and what areas I need to work on. So this year, I’m leaving 22 and turning 23, so yep, it is my #jordanyear. So below, I’ve listed 22 things I’ve learned at the age of 22.

  1. To truly put my faith in God, and let him handle the outcomes of my situations.
  2. To live in every moment of my life and enjoy it
  3. To be me even if others “don’t agree”
  4. To stop giving others my time when they don’t give me theirs including giving advice when I could be doing something for myself
  5. To love the body I’m in. (Love me)
  6. Self-Care is super important and don’t ever feel like you being selfish because you want to take care of yourself first
  7. Confidence can either break you or make you
  8. Don’t compromise my happiness to fit in someone else world
  9. Take care of your body’s health
  10. Be consistency in the decisions in my life
  11. What makes me happy
  12.  I can only grow by putting myself out there
  13. Stop trying to create “my own purpose for my life” and allow God to do it
  14. Find joy in everything I do
  15. Work hard even when I’m tired
  16. Take chances because I never know when opportunities can open up
  17. To be more open to dating
  18. Sacrifice things to really build my relationship with God
  19. To be open to change
  20. It’s okay to want therapy especially if talking to someone can help (the first step is admitting it)
  21. To be patience my time is coming
  22. Staying focus on the things that keep me going as a person

At this very moment, everything may not be like I want it to be but learning these lessons this past year has sort of made me a more determined and motivated person. It has helped me start my blog, work on branding myself, and to use my personal experience to inspire others. Sometimes it’s not easy but I always remind myself that it’s worth it. So I’m ready to enter this new chapter in my life and celebrate with some wonderful people.

Happy First Day of Spring Y’all!!! And Happy Early Birthday to Me!





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