Weekend in Raleigh

My trip to Raleigh, North Carolina was AMAZING!!

This was a solo-trip and my first! Yes, I was a little scared to be out there on my own but I knew my limits and I knew not to do certain things after certain hours no matter how comfortable I felt. Taking this trip was a much-needed trip for the craziness that was about to take place in my life.



The Hotel

This was the tricky and hardest part for me. I didn’t want to spend over 80 dollars on a hotel room for one night but I knew I wanted a nice one and one that was in a nice part of town so I used Priceline. The best decision ever. I did bid on my room, but at the bottom, it allows you to see what hotels you could potentially end up with but after you pay for the room. Yeah I know it’s scary, but it worked out in my favor. I was excited, and nervous at the same time.

I stayed for one night in Hilton Raleigh North Hills. I got stuck with a double bed because it was cheaper and I tried to switch it to a King bed but they were all wiped out. The staff was pretty friendly, the fitness room was everything (until these kids came in and didn’t leave my whole workout), I didn’t get into the pool but it was a nice area (even though their hot tub was out of commission, sucks!), and parking was pretty fair. I actually wish I had more time to explore the hotel and enjoy it more but I do plan to make that a place to stay again.


The City of Raleigh 

So I had a list things on my list that I just had to do and I did mostly all of them. I was able to finally visit an art museum for the first time (actually two of them). The first one I visited was on Friday was ARTSPACE and it was a great experience. You had the opportunity to visit different studios of each artist that was there. You also had the opportunity to see what they could be working on at the moment. It was this one lady whose artwork was a whole different thing for me. It felt like I was living in each of her pictures or that I could find situations that were so relatable. Most of her artwork as well was turned into puzzles (and I love puzzles), the only thing that sucked, was that she was not there for me to purchase anything (so I have to go back eventually)!

You know I had to visit a coffee shop, it was like a must! A couple of feet from ARTSPACE was SIR WALTER COFFEE. I tried something new, it was great…and it fulfilled my coffee craving quick, so thank you Sir Walter (lol). My friend, she got a green tea that was like bubble tea, I think (lol) and a chocolate croissant (she did say that it was good).

After checking into the hotel, getting settled for awhile…I made a reservation to TUPELO HONEY (yep, by myself) and it was great. I made sure to look up all types of deals, and I found one or two. I found a deal where I can get a free pint glass with a purchase at the restaurant which is pretty dope and I was sent a coupon to get buy one entree and get a second one for free.  Hmm, amazing so I had to go all out. I got the Tupelo Shrimp & Grits, and then I got the Tupelo Chicken with Sweet Potatoe Pancakes. Y’ALL, both delicious was gooooodt (and yes, I had to add the t on the end, lol). So yes, check it out.

I did plan to go to the movies that night but once I got into the hotel, I just got too comfortable. So I took a pass on that one. I laid in bed, watch some tv, and had myself a glass of wine. The great way to end the night, don’t you think?

The next day, I visit the Videri Chocolate Factory where I was able to sample different dark chocolates and I ended up buying a Raspberry & Carrot Cake Truffle. They were great you just could not sample them which sucks because it was so many that I wanted to try (lol). After I left there,  wanted to see what was around the chocolate factory and I just started walking. Ran into another art museum, this was one that you would normally see on television, and you were able to hear from some of the artists about what inspired some of their artwork. The art museum was called CAM Raleigh. I recommend highly to visit both art studios. Then I checked out, Tasty Beverage Company which is a Beer Company (I believe that they do sell other things) and I tried their Passionfruit Beer. It was actually pretty delicious!! Try it out.

And my last food place was Beasley Chicken & Honey, pretty much a brunch place and it was delicious!!! I grab “The Reunion” but I did it with a bun, hmmmm good!! Great flavoring. And before calling quits on my Raleigh trip, I checked out Raleigh Rose Garden which had dead roses (lol) so we figured maybe they were not in season right now. We were able to take some pictures though, and they were some great ones. I’ve displayed a couple of them in this article.

Overall, the trip was an experience and it was nice to really get to know a new city. I recommend taking a trip to Raleigh if you haven’t already, they have some great hidden gems. I’m already ready to plan my next trip there! So if you want to see visuals (such as videos) as to what I dd on the trip, check out my Instagram (and click the Raleigh Trip in the highlights).




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2 thoughts on “Weekend in Raleigh

  1. You did a lot in Raleigh! My sister lives in Raleigh, so I visit quite often, but have never been any of the places you’ve mentioned. I will be sure to check out the rose garden, one of the museums & the beer company. Thanks for sharing! So glad you had a good time.


    1. Girl, I absolutely enjoyed it. At first, I was hesitant about taking a trip by myself but it worked out in the end. I’m glad I did, and yes you will love every place I mention, I promise.


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