I Just Want Some Respect in my DMs!

Men don’t get women without first showing respect!

Yep, I said it. As a man, you cannot think that it’s okay to message me in my DMs or any women in that aspect to respond to a nasty, unthoughtful message. Understand….

My name is posted on my social media for a reason so you can message me with actually saying my name. My pictures are posted on social media for branding purposes and other reasons for other people but not for you to simply disrespect it when you message me. So please understand, I don’t care how cute you think you are or how cute others have told you are, what someone should have told some of you dudes was the rules of respecting women.¬†

At first, I was hesitant about this blog post because I didn’t know how I would word what I had to say and I didn’t want to come across as the angry black woman, but I noticed I was not the only one feeling the disrespect in my DMs. My blogger friend recently posted on Instagram about how she was debating hard about posting a picture on Instagram because of a message that she received beforehand. The guy basically came into her DMs disrespecting her body in ways she never displayed on her page. So why did he think that it was okay? I recently had a guy entered into my DM suggesting that¬† I had a pretty nice body and that he would love to show me how he can handle me. First off, NO! Look into what type of image I’m producing for myself before you make assumptions. So once again, why do they think this is okay? Because society has made it okay.

It’s not that we as women have made it okay but that the different industries have assumed that this is okay. That a woman’s body should be degraded on what should wear, how she should present herself, and the things that she responds too. It’s disgusting and women are getting fed up. I should be able to feel that when I post a picture on my social media (rather I chose to be clothless, show a little too much, or be completely covered) that I should still receive respect. It’s understood that women she dress how they want to be seen but I think that’s honestly gone out of the window in today’s generation.

Yes, women are some amazingly beautiful creatures..we have curves, we have different body shapes, and we all present something on our body to the pleasing eye of a man but think about it: MEN, that if you have a daughter now or planned to somewhere down the line, you would want any dude that comes into contact with her to show all the respect that she deserves. Most men teach their daughters that they should value who they are, and not be afraid to show the world who they are. They take their daughters on dates that should be properly shown by guys that have an interested in them and how a man should treat them. I guess I’m a little confused as to why sons are not taught the same. Yes, most men do teach their sons all of this but you have some that just don’t. So if they don’t, people like Kodak Black is.

Just a prime example in recent news of how Kodak Black thought that it was okay to mention that Lauren London was a fine woman and that he was couldn’t wait to get into her DMs. First off, that’s not okay. She just lost the love of her life, so your comment was not needed, and to even think that it was okay to try to get into her DMs showed that: ONE, you didn’t respect her and TWO, you didn’t respect Nipsey and what he was about. Your concern should have been to check on her when you hit up her DMs, not to try to get in her pants next.

In all honesty, it’s getting out of control. If you want women to respond to your messages, engage in conversation with you face to face, or even consider you as a person she would talk too…the approach has to be right! No women like to be disrespected, and if she does…still respect her.

And women, if a man does choose to come into your DM disrespecting you…first off, he not a man, he a little boy; and second, use BLOCK & REPORT on social media. Don’t respond, don’t allow him the satisfaction, and don’t allow him to still the joy of who you are by degrading your body into something that he can please without knowing you or what you are about. They have to learn somehow…








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