The Famous Crab Alfredo!

Cooking alfredo is pretty simple. I always tell people if you have cooked spaghetti, then you would know how to cook alfredo (it’s just two different sauces).

Now, I love cooking and trying new things…and sometime last year, I decided I wanted to get out of the norm of chicken and shrimp alfredo and try crab meat. At the time though, I was not making my own sauce at home, but since September sometime, I have converted to saving money on alfredo sauce and try to make it at home and I learned that it was simple.


  • 8oz-12oz of imitation crab meat chunks
  • Angel hair noodles (off brand, it’s cheaper) – and you are welcome to use your personal favorite noodles for alfredo.
  • heavy cream
  • chicken broth
  • garlic minced
  • seasonings (garlic powder, salt, and pepper, garlic salt, oregano, and onion powder)
  • cheese (parmesan or your favorite)
  • olive oil

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Start off by cutting the noodles. I typically let my noodles cook for about 5-6minutes on HIGH, Make sure to add 1tsp of olive oil. This would be your time to season your noodles with some salt, just to help with flavor.
  2. While noodles are cooking, grab a stir-fry pan and add some olive oil along with some garlic, and allow that to cook for about 1 minute together. You are allowing the garlic to cook and add flavor to your pan. Add the crab meat, and cook for about 3 minutes, 5 minutes top on Med-High.
  3. Noodles should be done, so grab a strainer and wash drain your noodles. (Take the noodles by pouring them in the strainer in the sink, running water over it, and allow it to drain off the water). Take your crab meat out of the pan, and move to a plate.
  4. The fun part, your sauce! Don’t clean out your pan from the crab meat, you want that flavor. Take 1 cup of heavy cream and chicken broth, and pour over into the pan. I typically cook this on HIGH (because you will have to stand there and watch it anyway).
  5. After allowing the heavy cream and chicken broth to cook for about 3minutes on HIGH, I start added my seasonings that were listed above. Add to your tasting and add the cheese. I say add based on how thick you want the sauce (I added a good bit because it will be pretty loose for the most part).
  6. After getting the sauce seasoned to your liking, add some of your crab meat. By doing this, you are allowing your meat to get some flavor. Let it simmer for about 2minutes top!
  7. Now take the sauce, and add into the noodles and stir everything together! This is where you can add some water to the bottom just to get the juices flowing if you want it all to cook together for longer than 3minutes.


Heads up, because the sauce is homemade, your alfredo will look dry over a couple of hours, or even after letting it sit in the refrigerator overnight but once you warmed it back up in the microwave….LISTEN, IT’S GOING TO BE SO GOOD!!! You are going to be able to taste every inch of your seasoning the next day (lol).

I hope you love it if you decide to try it! **I was not able to get a picture taken, that’s my fault but I will next time** – please take pictures of yours, or let me know by tagging me on social media, and by using the #shanaviafamouscrabalfredo





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