**For my college students that just graduated, but also for others that want the extra money**

It’s the summer, everyone wants to spend some extra money on themselves, and really enjoy their summer. I know I do, and I have done many of these things I have listed below for you guys, and have made some great money from it. Some of it, you will love and others you will not but it doesn’t hurt to try.

  1. VIPKID. I have been working with them for about 30 days now, and it has been quite satisfying. I was very hesitant about this process for the longest that I didn’t even do it the first time I heard about it. It was not until I start working at the preschool this past April, and actually enjoyed teaching. Shocking right? Well, I make about $8-10 per class and about $20 per hour. Each class is about 25 mins long but you are given 30 mins to teach. The process can seem to be a lot it is worth it. If you would like to know more about the process or have any other questions about anything, I don’t mind giving you some tips. And if you just want to dive into the process, and then ask questions later, that’s fine too. Here’s my referral code. 
  2. Instacart. This is grocery shopping and delivery. I did this from September to about November of last year, and I made some pretty good money with it. The only downfall I had with this job was having to wait to get orders when I first started. I was literally waiting in store parking lots so that I would be the first people chosen for the order. After a while, I was just given orders close to my area. Now that I have left, I don’t know how the process works exactly but I’m sure it’s not too different. It is almost like you have to show your consistency before getting a consistency schedule. I actually loved it for a while.
  3. Shipt. Just like Instacart, but this one is based on you choosing your location. So I was able to select where I wanted to work that day. It had pretty much the same concept of Instacart though. You get an order, you have a time limit to fulfill that order, make sure it’s delivered to the home before the deadline, and you get paid. Some customers don’t give you tip until weeks later sometimes, some don’t give tip, and others give it to you right then. So I always went in with the mindset of not receiving tips so I would not get disappointed.
  4. Surveys. I have been doing surveys with Appen, where I will fill out whatever is needed for that social media platform by answering questions, and then get sent my $5. I have not gotten more than that yet, but hopefully, after doing them for a while, I get more money. The great thing is you can do it in the comfort of your bed, but I dislike you can’t do surveys back to back, only 30 days apart I believe but it’s quick and an easy $5.

Of course, I do not work all of these jobs as of right now, but I do work more with VIPKID because I love to be in the comfort of my own home while working to be an entrepreneur as well. I suggest as well that if you have some great qualities that you think you should be paid for, start your own little side business (and if it’s meant for you, it will happen).

TIP: Don’t get so discouraged in your own process, because growth comes when you least expect it in your life. While you are working on saving up money, also work on becoming the best you. Having balance in your life, and fulfilling your happiness. You will be thankful that you did!






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