Wedding Season: Let’s Start Venue Shopping!

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After your proposal has gone down in history, and that engagement ring goes on, the wedding journey begins. For some, your wedding is already planned out, but for others, you are like WHERE DO I START?

And to add on the extra stress, you have people asking these everyday questions: 1) When is the wedding? 2) Do you have a dress yet? 3) Who is your planner? 4) Who is your floral? 4) What venue are you using? That you become extremely overwhelmed and in a rush to feel like you have to do everything quickly and have all the answers but sis, TAKE A BREATH and start with the essentials questions (listed below).

Essential Questions

  Who is paying for it?

What is your wedding venue budget?

What is your wedding budget?

How people are you inviting?

Where do you want to get married?

What are three potential wedding dates?

What is your ideal event vibe/style?

How much professional help do you want for your wedding?

What is your top three wedding priorities?


After answering those essential questions, and narrowing everything down…


This is the part, I think is the most time-consuming. Just because you are in a race to find a place that has your date, that is the perfect scenery for the ideal wedding, they have everything you need, and it’s in a location that you want to have your wedding. It will be 6 Key Questions that you will need to ask your venue before booking:

  1. Liability Insurance. Something you probably would have never thought about. Some will already mention it, but others may not. This insurance is for you to be able to have coverage for any damages from you or your guest are responsible for during the wedding or reception. Most packages range between $80-$100 (but it could change over time) and it will cover an average of 1,000,000 in damages.
  2. Wedding Venue Parking. When it comes down to parking, it’s important to ask the questions that need answers. The basic five questions: 1) How many parking spaces are available? 2) Will the guest be charged for parking? 3) Do we need to hire valet or is it included? If so, how much extra is it? 4) If there is no parking on-site, where would my guest park? And you are planning on during a shuttle, make sure to ask: are their restrictions on capacities, do they have one that could pick up your guests, or do they have preferred vendors that you can check out?
  3. Corkage and Cake Cutting Fees. Hidden fees that you need to be aware of. Many venues may provide alcohol and cake but most will allow you the opportunity to provide your own. The corkage fee is typically used to deter you from outside vendors. However, these fees can start adding up quickly and on average, a corkage fee is $20. The cake cutting fee is mostly to cover the venue’s staff serving the cake. Just make sure to cover this at your appointment when talking to your venue coordinator at your appointment.
  4. Services and Amenities. You want to understand if they have everything that you need when it comes down to your food and your needs. Make sure you know if the venue has a kitchen, or provides catering for your wedding (if you don’t already have a cater). See if they will provide any table linens, what type of chairs do they have, and about their tables. You may also want to see if they have AV capabilities; some have it and but if they don’t, you may have to provide that yourself.
  5. Accessibility. People that are in your invite list still will be able to have access to the building with no problem especially if the venue has any stairs or a hill that everyone may not be able to access.
  6. Cost and Flexibility on Wedding Date. By asking the cost of the budget, you will get the overall idea if this vendor can fit into your budget. If you also provide 2-3 option days to the venue, you could be offered discounted pricing. Even ask about different days your wedding be hosted, prices are cheaper by the days. (For example, Sundays are cheaper than Saturdays at most venues.

It’s a lot to consider when venue shopping, or just planning a wedding in general but if you really take these tips that I have given when shopping for your wedding venues, it will make the whole process easier.


I am also providing some information about a great venue in Hendersonville, NC that is amazing for a wedding. Jeter Mountain Farm is just minutes away from the historic downtown area and it is surrounded by the most beautiful mountains. The farm has about 411 acres rolling hayfields and is surrounded by a wooded forest. Jeter Mountain Farm has about 35,000 square feet of barn and kitchen space, so it is perfect for both small and large weddings alike. Jeter Mountain Farm still runs as a farm that has hay-cuts every year, 20 acres of tomatoes that grow throughout the summer, and apple trees, a berry patch, and a peach orchard, as well. The place is just drop-dead gorgeous, and I absolutely love the scenery altogether, so if and when I get married in the future, I will have this place on my radar. One thing that I absolutely love about this place is that the contract and pricing are listed on the website; so you are able to check out their guidelines before settling with them. Don’t you think it’s beautiful?


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