5 Ways to Stay Motivated During the Summer

This summer has been extremely hot. I know for me, it’s been extremely hard to stay motivated and get things done, plus a lot of changes have been happening in my life. So my focused levels have been way out of wack…and it’s been hard to sit back and watch others enjoy their summer effectively, and I’m working hard (yeah, I’m a little jealous lol). So below I have listed 5 ways to stay motivated this summer…hopefully it helps for both you and I (lol).

  1. Start your day early. My goal for this month of August is to wake up at 5am and get my day start; which includes reading and engaging into my morning devotional, prayer, and just recharging to have a great day each day. This will also give me a jump start into having an effective breakfast before work, and my morning coffee (which is both very important). And if you are working a full-time job, ask your supervisor if you come in early one morning, and get off early. It will help your day move smoothly.
  2. Schedule your time. Very important to list everything that you need to get done for that day. Which includes prioritizing important assignments that need to get done, and set up a time for each one. Having an effective schedule in front of you makes it easier to keep up with each task.
  3. Remove Distractions. Don’t check your social media accounts if you know you not happy with how your summer is going. Dig deep into your work, and manage to get a lot of things accomplished. If you know you know your phone is a distraction too, place your phone on do not disturb, and get some things done!
  4. Schedule fun activities. Oh, the fun of taking a break from working! I know this summer I have not been doing much, but I have managed to go to baseball games locally, engage in some events for networking, and scheduling to go to an NFL football game at the end of the month. Hopefully, a vacation hits the books soon.
  5. Allow yourself a few summer indulgences. Schedule one fun summer event for yourself. Have yourself a nice cool drink out on the porch, read a good book, and allow yourself to not think about any work. I know, my great summer indulgences will be to enjoy a glass of wine because I have not had a drink in about two months, and reading a good book.

So as you have read the list above, I hope that you are able to do one of the things that are listed. You will thank me later, and please stay hydrated!!!

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