How I’m Feeling After My 3 Day Fast

The 3-Day Fast was challenging for me. I’ve fasted before, but never like strictly water and hot-tea, so that was a challenge alone. But here’s why fasting for 3 days seem like it was pretty easy and then it went hard real quick:

  1. I set my intentions from the jump
  2. The devil was attacking my body and my mind
  3. I was allowing myself on social media too much
  4. Prayer really helps
  5. Thought about food too much

But I didn’t realize this list until I woke up this morning. It was a moment of understanding why I allowed myself to give in at 11:38pm, and how I felt like I could no longer control myself from eating.

When I set my intentions on Day 1, I was in a very clear headspace. I didn’t wake up thinking about what I could be eating and how difficult the fast was going to be…I geared into my “why” and “goals”. After understanding that, it made Day 1 pretty easy but Day 2 is when the devil start attacking me. I woke up from the jump with a headache, and feel super weak. I was not looking like myself, and I was not feeling like myself. I was also getting rejections from jobs that I had applied for, and assumptions was geared toward me about how I was treating one of my students. This when I came to understand that fasting for 3 days was needed for me. It stop becoming a thing of doing this with my sisters but “you are doing this because you needed to Shaanvia”, and that’s what helped me push through Day 2. As Day 3 rolled in, I woke up pumped, and excited to have to build my prayer life, and gain a stronger relationship with God, but evening hours hit me hard. I became really hungry. I tried everything in my power to get full of water, and I even prayed my way through but at 11:38pm, I gave in. Not because I was weak, but because I allowed people around me, and social media to entice my mindset. Which is one of the reasons why I stated that social media was something¬† I should have let go all together (because everyone was talking about this Popeyes sandwich lol) which is no excuse but as people we allow ourselves to get influenced by things that we hear and see?¬† I was also in a place of being surrounded by food too long. I had a meeting where they had provided food, and then I went to my brother house where there was food. So it was easy to tell me that it’s okay to give in to food.

Be advised: I did re-learn a lot about myself, as well as some new things about myself. Fasting is always worth it in the end but I will set out times to allow myself to eat next times.

Also when fasting, gear towards calm relaxing music, and gospel music with some really powerful sermons to listen too. All of that helps more than you know, and support from people around you.

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