Sistahs in Business Expo: Aisha Issah & Judi Gatson (Part One)

It’s always a pleasure to listen to other women that can inspire you, that can push you, and that can motivate you into doing things that you thought was impossible for yourself. While interviewing these two beautiful women, it was amazing to hear how you can find balance in what you really want, and how knowing who you are as a person can really help you to be who you need to be.

In interviewing Aisha Issah, one of the questions that were asked was: “What inspired you to start Sistahs in Business Expo?” and I love her answer, she said, “Challenges that she faced as a Women of Color who is an entrepreneur and she ran into those challenges of not being able to receive the same services or not being catered to in their world so it was more about starting her own thing, and making sure that Women of Color, who owned businesses, or who was some type of entrepreneur to be able to be inspired. So that’s how the idea of the Expo started because she wanted to create something that she wanted to see for others”.  

That’s why it’s suggested that you as Women of Color, that you should attend events that are small events so that you can get all of the knowledge and information that you need. You are able to grow as a person, and in your business that it allows you the motivation and courage that you need. Sometimes we look for these resources and knowledge to make it to the next level, which is why it is so important to attend events like this because you can gain so much from it.

And I love how Judi Gatson talked about how the event is all about feeding into other women and making sure that you are able to build other women up in the process. Sometimes we get so caught up in how in ourselves, that we become people that don’t want other women to succeed, but with events like this, it is allowing every Women of Color to get poured into.

But one of the most important questions that as an entrepreneur we get asked and that is: “If you have family working for you, how is that possible? How do you find balance in that?” —- And Aisha Issah answered with this: “She and her family make sure to pray before every call, every meeting, and every expo. The support that they give each other is real because they believe in one another, and they know business is business”. 

And as entrepreneurs, that’s exactly how we have to do with everyone that we work with because that is what makes us better as business owners.

Make sure to stay tuned for the next post: Part 2 with questions answered by Gizelle Bryant.









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