5 Life Lessons To Know In Your Twenties

Twenty Somethin’ and Black Contributor Post

Even though I’m in the beginning stages of my 20s, I have already learned some of life’s most crucial and cruel lessons that you can learn in your twenties. And for everyone it is different, especially depending on where you are in your life. For me, I’m still finding myself in the real world after college. It’s an adjustment, and it’s hard but with these life lessons over these past three years in my twenties, it sort of have helped especially now. So below, I’m listing out 5 lessons I have learned throughout my first three years of my twenties:

  1. Take Care of Yourself Now. I have started my regimen of working out consistently and staying on track of eating right most of the time. Of course, it’s never easy, but as you find your rhythm, everything will just sort of fall into place. Have both a consistent workout plan, and eating right, you allow yourself to build a better social life, not become mentally drained easily, and have the ability to physical doing things you always wanted to do. And let’s not forget, it will lower health cost later in your life.
  2. You’re Going to Feel Lost and That’s Okay. One thing I had to figure out after graduation is that no one has it all together, and all figured out. Some of us just struggle harder than others to get through. Adulthood is a rough transition, and you will have those roadblocks: the economy knocking you down. I’ve been in moments of being stuck in positions (still am) of where I am not making good enough money, not feeling satisfied with level-entry positions, and not getting the job that I actually desired.
  3. Embrace Failure. Unfortunately, we all have our failing moments. I definitely have, and sometimes I ask myself how did I get out of that but over time, I learn that failure is what leads to my success. It means that you are doing something, and the more you have to take a risk, and have to make hard decisions, the closer you are to your own beautiful success. Don’t fear your failure, build on it.
  4. Don’t Give Up. Literally, don’t give up on ANYTHING that you are trying to accomplish! It gets really hard throughout life, but sometimes the moment that we want to give up is the moment that we are one step away from our goal or dream. It’s all about working to get through your breakthrough, and telling yourself that you are not going to give up even if you feel like the odds are against you. Keeping grinding, and keep doing what you are doing at this very moment.
  5. Start Saving Money ASAP! Prepare yourself for all of life’s adventures, emergencies, and future endeavors for yourself. Put as much money aside in your savings or into your 401K, so that when the times comes you can live life painlessly. Find ways to save money consistently like cooking at home, doing your own nails and toes, trying different hairstyles on your own, and finding discounts and sales when deciding to spend money on shopping. To sum it all up: only buy what you need, and not giving in to your needs.

If you work on these five things now before they become lessons (if they have not already), I think your twenties will feel like a breeze. Of course, you will learn more lessons because it is way more, but it wont feel as overwhelming as these things.

Most importantly: Make sure you are loving yourself throughout your entire twenties, entering into each decade from here on out. It helps!




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