Finding the Balance in Professional Relationships with your Personal Friendships

Twenty Somethin’ and Black Contributor Post

Finding a balance between your professional relationships with your personal friendships can sometimes make life hard and hectic. One or the other will always be fighting for your time, so being able to strike a balance between both your personal friendships and professional relationships will help you become more productive and very unlikely to feel burnout. It takes time and careful planning to manage but once you get a consistent flow with your friendships, everything will start to flow. So I’m listing 4 ways you can manage your time between your personal and professional relationships.

  1. Be honest with yourself. Find out why you are working so hard in the first place. You will have to ask yourself if working so hard is for yourself or for the ones that you are trying to find time for (like your family or friends). So spend some quiet moments alone with yourself so that you can redirect back to your priorities.
  2. Find ways to reduce your time with your professional relationships and your personal friendships. This may seem like the most impossible task ever. Take time out and see how you can split the time in between the two and still have time for yourself (because time with yourself is more important than anything). You want to make sure that you are never getting too much time to your work relationships and neglecting your personal relationships, and vice versa.
  3. Plan. Plan. Plan. Planning out your day and week is very important. Of course, you don’t want to forget an important meeting with a work friend but you also don’t want to forget lunch with a long time friend. Grab planner, and block out times for work relationships, for your family, and then for your friends. You never want things you have going on to overlap with each other, and you feel like you are all over the place.
  4. Keep your personal time with your friends and family free. This is the time that you don’t check emails, or take work phone calls. You want all of this time to be destinated for whomever you are spending time with. Just because you keep in touch via social media does not mean that you are giving them time. It never hurts to have downtime for your friends and family because, in the end, they will be your number one support.

Balancing your work relationships with your personal friendships can be very challenging but if you want to make it work to be able to spend time with each person you care about, it will take some adjusting. I do say after figuring out how to split your time with your professional and personal relationships, that you should make time for yourself because that is important as well.

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