How to Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle vs Dieting

Twenty Somethin’ and Black Contributor Post

Have you ever found yourself doing a diet that required you not to eat most of the things that you would normally eat? When you get off this diet, do you find yourself overindulging in the things that are not good for you? Did you find that your body gains more weight back that you lost plus more? If your answer is yes to at least one of these questions, keep reading.

Dieting: restricting self to eating smaller amounts and staying away from eating certain foods to be able to lose weight. 

Healthier Lifestyle: maintaining a better lifestyle through eating correctly, participating in physical activity, and controlling weight and stress management. 


You’ll find that dieting is just something for quick results. To lose those quick 10 pounds a week so you can fit into a dress or outfit and it’s completely nothing wrong with that. Just sometimes that 10 pounds you lose by not eating the things that can make you gain weight, to turn around and eat those things after losing that weight; make you gain those 10 pounds back plus more. It actually becomes harder to lose it the second time around (Oh, I know from experience).

And over the past two years, I’ve been doing just that. Losing quick weight, to only gain double back and this year I wanted all of that to change. I decided to get serious and lose the weight to get to my goal so I change my whole outlook on my eating style. On the weekends, I’ll give myself what I want but not too much and on the weekdays, I’m completely strict on myself. I also meal prep and I workout at least  3x or more a week. So far on my journey since the second week in January, I’ve lost about 15 pounds, which is probably more now (lol). This journey I’m on was not just to lose weight but to change the way I eat one step at a time, to have clearer skin, and just be happy in my own body.

So I’m here to give you all the tips of Maintaining a Healthier Lifestyle literally one step at a time:

  1. Believe it or not, sometimes we have to have a reason behind everything. So I suggest finding what works for you and how you plan to become a better you.
  2. Find what eating habits really works for you. I found that I can meal prep lunch and dinner and be fine but that just may not work for everybody. It’s about finding your adjustment to new things.
  3. Finding great ways to work out in a more fun way. I’ve downloaded the Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club app where I join their 4 weeks or either 8 weeks challenge to become excited about working out. The great thing about these apps too is that when you miss one workout for that week, it rolls over into the next week by adjusting your plan.
  4. Becoming comfortable with your own journey. Your journey can only start when you really want it too and once you start it, you’ll feel great in the end.
  5. Find ways to unravel your thoughts and be stress-free. I personally do a face mask of some sort once a week, I clear my thoughts by having a cut off time from my phone and tv, and I engage in some type of reading for one hour a day.


It’s not easy but in the end, after completing all of this; you’ll feel great. I know I do and you’ll learn that maintaining a healthier lifestyle is all about a balance of having what you need and what you want.



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