Sis, It’s Summer, Enjoy It!

Twenty Somethin’ and Black Contributor Post

Summer has officially come knocking at our doors. The weather has warmed up a lot more, it’s longer days, and it seems to be fewer responsibilities that somehow makes summer, the season of romance. Well for some of us, we’re single, so romance is out of the window. And of course, you don’t want to sit at home all summer moping around, or doing small simple dates by yourself. So I say, grab your girls up, and complete a summer list of 8 things to do.

  1. Festivals. The best things that are free to get in. I do know that you will probably have to pay for parking, but with a shouldn’t be too much. Take cash because most places don’t take credit cards at these types of events, but both may be fine.
  2. Camping. Sounds crazy, but it will give you an opportunity to explore the outdoors. If you never been, I advise that you do it in a location where someone can get to you in easier access. I’m definitely considering it for this summer because I’ve never been.
  3. Boat-riding. Sounds fun right? I’ve been before, and it was like the best feeling ever to just have a moment to really enjoy some great scenery. The sound of the water is calming, and you will find yourself ready to nap after a long day out. So I say take some packed food with you, don’t expect to have social media, and make sure you have positive people around you.
  4. Visit a local farm. Okay, okay…I know you may be thinking like this girl is tripping but I honestly think to know about the animals, their environments, and know how to feed them is important. It’s honestly where most of our food comes from, and things that we drink.
  5. Bike Rides. Rent some bikes, or grab your own from your local store and go cruise through your downtown. It will allow you to get a good workout in and to see everything else close up where you are able to stop and see it.
  6. Volunteer somewhere. I know the summer is supposed to be considered fun, but it’ll be okay set fun aside for a minute, and help someone else. Volunteer at a shelter, food pantry, serve food to the community, or where ever your help is needed. You will feel amazing after.
  7. See a movie — outside. Now, normally you will think that this is a romantic date idea for couples but you and your girls can do this too! Just sit on the outside of the car if you don’t want to consider it anything romantic. I think this will take you off of the comfort zone of doing movies at the movies theater or at your home. Just check to see where the closest one is to your location (they can sometimes be out as far as 40 minutes) and don’t look for movies that you would see in the movie theater still).
  8. Outdoor concert. One of many that I’ve not done. I have not even attended a concert (which I know may be sad). I have always thought they were over price, and pointless but I’m working on getting out of that mindset. But an outdoor concert, now that sounds much cheaper, and so much more fun!

Some of you may have already done most of the things on the list, and if you, I say grab a friend that has not and take them on an adventure this summer. Remember the summer is a season of love, so spread love, and help a friend out (including me, lol).

Happy Summer!

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