4 Home Essentials Needed for The Fall

Can’t believe that Fall is already here, and we are a week away from October ending, and November starting. Fall this year in Columbia, SC has been on a different level., like in the 50s weather different level (lol), but the colder it gets, the more cozier my living space has to be. So I’m bringing out everything that is pumpkin spice, vanilla, and apple spice to fill and decorate my space with. Here’s 4 ways I’m starting to prepare my space for fall, and if you are still not there, be sure to use this quick list:

  1. Candles. The most relaxing thing ever. It gives you the vibe that you are looking for most of the time, and the bonus is that it smells so good. I’m completely all for it. Bath & Body Works is my favorite place to get the fall scents but if I’m looking to spend less money, I’ll just head over to Walmart or another local grocery store.
  2. Essential Oils. The most important thing in the fall. The weather is changing, you could either become less stress or more stress, and your allergies start acting up on you. Essentia oils works for it all, and of course they smell good as well. I normally like to use to help me sleep through the night, and to keep my mood calm.
  3. Reading Spot for Comfort. One of my favorite things about the fall. I love to sit in a very comfortable spot in my space, warm and cozy, scent smelling good, drinking a cup of something hot, and reading something good. If that is not the most amazing thing ever to do on a Friday or Saturday night, then I don’t know what is lol.
  4. Warm Mood with Lamps and Flickering Flames. This will forever set a mood in your room or space. It’s what really put you in the mood for fall, and a cozy night indoors especially if you are adding a fireplace to it. This right here calls for a night of wine, with some Netflix, and no alarm set for the next day.



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