#Holiday2019: Gift Guide 2019

que music — *it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, every where I go*

Happy Holidays! We are only a few weeks away from Christmas, and if you struggle with getting anyone anything for Christmas like I do, then this gift guide is for you. I want to make sure that you get the perfect gift for the ones you care about, whether it is your friend coffee-drinkers, your people who like to cook a lot, and like to jam to their music on any given day. Here’s a list about 8 gifts that you get either get from online or in the store.

  1. Air Fryer. Everybody is in the mood for this amazing new kitchen technology to make cooking easier, and healthier. And the best part is, you can find a lot of deals on Amazon, or in the stores.
  2. Air Pods. This is the best thing for someone who has an iPhone. It’s wireless and they don’t have to worry about stopping their movie because their phone is dying and their headphones are in the way. Just saying…it’s very beneficial, and convenient.
  3. Portable Bluetooth Speaker. This is something someone can always use especially when they are cleaning up on a Saturday morning or just wanting to chill out with some friends. This is a gift you can never go wrong with!
  4. Aromatherapy Humidifier. This could be perfect for anyone’s gift. It will keep their air clean, and the environment refreshed. If you get the oils to go with it, make sure to include peppermint because it’s so refreshing.
  5. Reusable Straw Set. This is the perfect gift for a stocking stuffer. They will love it, and be able to use it anytime, anywhere. And this gift is under $5.
  6. Temperature Control Smart Mug. This is perfect for your friends and family that are coffee drinkers. Like me, I can drink about 3 cups of coffee in one setting, but sometimes it is a moment where I let it sit too long and it need to be warmed back up…this would be perfect for me.
  7. Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch. For the ones that don’t have any apple products, this would be the perfect for them. This will still allow them the opportunity to count calories, and track their steps throughout the day.
  8. Gift Cards with Homemade Cards. Could never go wrong with these. You could grab a Visa Card for them and they could spend it anywhere, or to one of their favorite places. And attach a homemade card to it, and they will feel extremely important.



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