How My Life Changed in a Year


Around this same time last year, I was in the head space of overcoming anxiety and depression. I had just graduated from college around August and was jobless until the end of October. It was probably one of the hardest things to overcome but as the year went by, things started to slowly change. I went into the beginning of the year with a temporary job and a mindset of giving up on trying to look for anything better. I was frustrated with the whole idea of life after college. I was feeling like my degree was pointless, had absolutely no purpose.

I worked on listening to positive things, being around positive people, and placing myself in positive environments which lead me to do daily affirmations, and posting them everywhere. I post my affirmations in my car, my bathroom mirror, and my bedroom wall. I had found something that was keeping me going, and making me feel proud of myself.

After taking my unknown passion for writing and starting a blog, everything started to look up from there. I was feeling like every day I wake up, I was able to look forward to something…even if it was just writing a blog post for that week. I knew then I was finding my happy place again. I was aiming so hard to do blogging full-time (incorporating being a brand influencer, and a freelance writer but things were not working out in that capacity. So I still searched for jobs that involved my major, which was still hard but I was able to land a job at a daycare temporary. It was the best thing, and it definitely did not pay my bills on time, but it did give me hope.

So here I am, a few months later, still a blogger, offering my own services, and I have landed two jobs (literally all in a year time frame). Did I think I would be in this position for 6 months to a year from now? No. It feels good though. To be able to pay all of my bills in full, still, do what I love, use my degree, and still maintain happiness. I realize now though that all it took was having just a little faith that everything was going to change for it to change.



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