#Holiday2019: It’s Okay to Be Busy During the Holidays!

This time of year is always my favorite, but for others, it can be pretty stressful when you are trying to balance out life with everything going on and trying to put in that time with your family and friends. They may even make you feel bad about what the way you work, or the day you may fly in to spend time with them….and guess what? That’s all okay. You don’t have to feel bad for not being completely free for the holidays! Just follow these 4 simple steps to get through November-January:

  1. Learn to say no. No will empower you to bring your schedule under control. You have the right and the responsibility to decline activities that do not fit into your schedule or reflect your personal goals.
  2. Promise little, if anything at all! You may be tempted to tell people you’ll do little things, but when life becomes hectic, it’s far too easy to forget what you’ve promised. You’ll have more integrity and less stress if you under promise and overdeliver. Rather than saying you’ll get something done tomorrow, say “by the end of the week.”
  3. Set boundaries on your time. To keep your priorities, you must guard the time you set aside for them. Have “no technology” periods in which you turn off cell phones, TV and computers. Protect time with your family and friends. And if you’re falling behind, block out a day or a few hours to stop and catch up.
  4. Don’t feel pressured to respond immediately. When someone makes a request, don’t feel compelled to give him or her an answer on the spot. “Let me think about that and get back to you” or “I’ll let you know tomorrow [or next week, etc.]” will suffice. Especially if you’re a people-pleaser, it is critical that you don’t answer yes on the spot. You will often end up later regretting your commitment.

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