#Holiday2019: Gift Guide 2019 Part 2

For the holidays, some of us rather keep it simple and just get the main essentials for our loved ones for Christmas, and make sure that it has value for their everyday use. I know for some of my loved ones, I have grabbed some of the items below to make sure they are constantly practicing self-care throughout their life, and putting themselves first every now and then. It doesn’t hurt to grab these as stocking stuffers to put with the other gifts that you have already gotten for them. Here’s five self-care items you can give your family and friends for Christmas: 

  1. A curated wellness and beauty subscription box that helps you set your intentions and incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine. Check-ins with the mind and spirit are crucial — this box will be an awesome blend of stones, oils, affirmations, and more. This will give the person a chance to really practice mindful self-care with different tools.
  2. A Bluetooth Water Bottle that is keeping you hydrated while listening to your favorite music. It will help that person focus more on their water intake, and no matter where you are, you can play music wherever you are.
  3. A weighted blanket that will help loosen up your nerves and provide relief for a wonderful’s night rest. Of course, this can be very life changing for the person in who you are buying this for. This will definitely benefit someone to fall asleep faster, and to even get in a deeper sleep.
  4. Grabbing some Freeman’s Face Mask for someone that loves to take care of their skin is an essential gift. It will help with stress, purifying, cleansing, detoxifying, revitalizing, and brightening the skin. Whatever they may need, Freeman’s have.
  5. Giving the Mindful Wellness Journal as a gift to someone will help someone to be encouraged to have a more kind, more loving relationship with oneself through awareness prompts, holistic practices, and more.

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