#Self-Care101: Making Self-Care an Everyday Thing

19 simple things you can do to practice self-care
Before reading this post, make sure you read #SELF-CARE 101:The Obstacles to Self-Care to make sure you are not allowing any of these obstacles stand in your way of taking care of yourself. Hoping that you have read it, let’s jump into what are some ways you can take care of yourself.

For starters, let’s get you to take this well-being quiz to see about your self-care strategies that can eventually be helpful to you. No matter how you choose to approach taking care of yourself, the goal should always be to make sure that these strategies work for you, and then learning how to implement them into your everyday routine so that it can boost your self-confidence, and well-being.

Here’s 6 ways to implement self-care into your everyday life:


Sleep is everything, and one of the most effective things you can do for self-care. Of course, not getting enough sleep could cause so many issues for you, but it could also leave your body feeling refreshed, and you feeling happy.


Taking trips like this can make a huge difference in your life. Rather you are stressed or not, just getting away for a weekend can do something to the mind, body, and soul. Just because you take these trips, don’t mean you have to spend a lot of money either. The goal is to veer away from your normal schedule and take time to do something just for yourself.


This is something ever person should do, rather you are a female or male. This gives you the ultimate understanding of who you are and what you like. This is anything that you always want to do, but not able to do on a regular basis. This is the moment you make this date the best date ever for yourself.


You ever heard, “laughter is the best medicine”…well it’s true! Nothing is wrong with having a good time with the people around you, and you really laughing. It can constantly put you in a better mood, and start and end your day in a great moment.


Sounds weird, right? Yeah! This is you doing something you have not done in a while, and you absolutely always wanted to do. This can give you a moment to do something else in the place of going to the grocery store, like taking time for yourself, and reading a book or writing a novel/blog post that you have been putting off. Take that small time that you need to do what you love…


This is probably the best thing that you can practice in self-care, and live everyday. Is knowing how to say no to people when they ask you do something that you don’t want to do at all. This is a little thing that can make a big impact. This is you learning that you can’t do everything for everyone, and that’s okay!!


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