5 Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Sometimes we have this expectation that when we spend time on Valentine’s Day that we are suppose to spend it at a high-priced restaurant and dress all fancy but it’s more to Valentine’s Day than a fancy dinner. Because I’m sucker for romance, and making sure that my significant other always have a smile on his face, I love trying new things in our relationship. So instead of a typical Valentine’s Day, here’s some atypical things that you can do instead:

  1. Have an “Open when…..”night. If you or your significant other has the love language “words of affirmations” than this is the perfect things to do. Grab your person, some paper, and settle in for a cozy night of writing letters to each other to be able to open at a later date (a tough day, anniversary, birthday). After cuddle up on the couch, watch a good movie, and have a glass of wine.
  2. Kick off a “THING” night. One of the key things to a healthy relationship is based on shared goals is having a “thing” together. This all requires sharing your hope and dreams with each other, and then creating a shared bucket list together. After creating that bucket list, now it’s about putting them in action. Make sure to add a touch of romance in for the evening by setting the ambiance, have a corny dinner together, and sharing a mutual desert; making sure the night is like not like any other night.
  3. Try something new. This is instant fun, and it adds discovery to your love life by picking something new to do. Even if you are not an advocate of trying something new, do it anyway because it may be something you may end up liking. Do it together and revel in the discovery of new experiences.
  4. Go for a hike. Bundle up, and venture outdoors. Savor the moments of being alone together as you both tackle the hassle of getting to the top of the mountain. Once you get to the top, have this moment to do a picnic together as you sit and look out over the mountains.
  5. Couples Cooking Class. This is something new and different for most couples, so why not have fun by learning new recipes together. It’ll be a night where you can definitely unwind, enjoy each other’s company, and share ideas with each other.

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