How To Make Your Workout Your Self-Care

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Practicing self-care strategies during your workout and in your free time can help you come back stronger, and a more peaceful space. If we strip back to the basics, we will learn quick to do things that makes us happy, or make time for self-care with a few actionable or achievable goals. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time and the energy to go to the gym, and put in the work that is desired…so to make it apart of your self-care is even more like woahhh!!! Here’s 5 tips to slowly incorporate working out into part of your self-care:

  1. BE YOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN. When you cheer yourself on in your head, it becomes easier to get through a tough workout. You have to realize one thing for yourself, and that is: you are doing this to be the best version of yourself. It’s more satisfying when you push yourself through some of the toughest times…and working out can be truly challenging. Give yourself some daily affirmations to feel good about yourself, even when you not working out. 
  2. WEAR YOUR FAVORITE GYM GEAR. When you feel good in clothing, it becomes easier to feel good about yourself. You won’t be feeling like you have to hide what you working with because of how you think you look, but it will be more about how you feel. Constantly wear something that makes you feel good, because believe it or not, it will make you work out harder.
  3. KEEP YOUR MIND ON THE “WHY”. This is important. Sometimes we can go to a gym, have all these goals in mind, but have a mindset that is not set right. If you don’t have a mindset that you are not doing this for yourself, and yourself only than how are you going to achieve everything that set out to do. You should always be asking why you are doing something in the gym versus just doing it, because than you will grow to hate it.
  4. SNAP PICTURES OF YOUR BEFORE AND AFTER. I know everybody don’t love to take pictures, or to even share their progress… but sometimes taking a before and after picture of yourself over the course of months of you going to the gym, it can build your confidence if done the right way. Sometimes just taking pictures in general, makes you feel really good about yourself since you are already working out.
  5. HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT. This is the most important tip. If you not having fun while you are doing it, than it’s pointless going to the gym. You should always feel good, and confidence in the way you look, in the way you feel, and what you wear. Find some fun workout classes to do, go to the gym with someone that can make your experience memorable, and have fun doing the workouts that brings you joy.

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