First Wedding Workshop — All in The Details Styled Workshop 2020

Workshop Date: June 28, 2020 

Hosted by: Sunshine Photography & By Yours Truly 

This wedding workshop was a game changer for me. With so many amazing tips given, it helped me understand the wedding industry so much better.

Since the whole workshop, I’ve created these three things for my clients:
  • an engagement questionnaire 
  • a wedding questionnaire 
  • wedding packet that gives better understanding for everything wedding

I’ve also created two things that will help me stay on time with things, and be organized:

  • a timeline for my wedding day clients (sent to them as well) 
  • a list of things that are needed for that day, and to grab the images that I need

Has it worked? Yes. My client absolutely loves the wedding packet, the questionnaires, and their timeline that they receive from me for their wedding. And if I’m being honest, without this workshop, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn and potentially grow in this wedding industry, and network with other photographers.

I was able to take so much from this workshop, that I was overwhelm with joy to get started on the next wedding because I was ready to put all that I’ve learned from that day to work. So, I’ll be doing another wedding on Saturday, and I’m super excited! Here’s a few tips I picked up from attending the workshop:

  • be creative with your shots for wedding day — especially the detail shots
  • learn and know what each client wants (they all want different things) 
  • find the best lightning for your shot – which means the camera settings have to be on point as well 
  • get to know your vendors, you never know when you will see them or use them again 
  • don’t be afraid to step out of the box and grab images of the food, the drinks, or whatever you think the bride may miss on her big day 
  • make sure to have enough of everything to be prepared for a bride’s and groom’s big day — such as batteries, SD cards, etc 
  • scout out the location if you have never been here before so you can get an idea of some portraits that you can grab 
  • create a styling kit for yourself 
  • be consistent in how you take your photos 
  • exceed the expectations of your couple 
  • do your research for poses, ideas, and props 

and truly it’s so much more. But if you are a photographer that is looking to get involved in weddings, my tip to you will be to make sure that you find a workshop that truly works for you, allows you to grab the concept of a wedding day, and give you the fundamentals to succeed. Never be afraid to attend workshop that can potentially help you grow your clientele or even become better as a photographer. You can always learn from somebody else.

Your business starts and ends with you, and the name you build. Make it where people remember that name.

Thank you to everyone that took the time out and grab some great tips throughout the workshop, it was great learning from you all especially Tiffany and Rayonda — you guys hosted such an amazing wedding workshop. THANK YOU!!!

As I close out, I do want to grant you the opportunity to view the images that I was able to capture from the workshop but first, here’s the list of vendors that was involved:

Business Name IG handle
Sunshine’s Photography @sunshinesimages Host / Photographer
By Yours Truly Events and Design @by_yours_truly_ Host / Designer
LMH Stationery & Designs, LLC @lmhstationery Stationery
Logan Jay Photography @loganjayphotography Photographer
Jw Bartending @thejwbartendinggroup Bar
Bee’s Vintage Rental @beesvintagerental Furniture
Small Details by Sakyra LLC @smalldetailsbysakyra Acrylic items
As One Bridal @asonebridal Dress Boutique
Beauty by Shantika @beautybyshantika Makeup
Kee’s Sweet Treats & More LLC @keessweets Desserts
Sweet T’s Bakery @sweettsbakery Cake
Suit Yourself Menswear @travisshuler Men’s attire
Chelly Designs Studio @chellydesignsstudio Attendees gifts
Faith Nicole @faithwiththeflicks Videographer
Pretty KrafTay Kollections @prettykraftay Earrings
M Space Venue

Make sure to take time out, and follow each venue as they all held up their own personal touch to the images captured.



To this beautiful couple: Thank you for taking time out of your schedule and allowing us to capture you. And plus, Happy Anniversary. They just celebrated their 5 year anniversary this year. Wishing you many more years with lots of happiness and love. Couple: Mr. & Mrs Jeter 


If you want to check out anymore of the images, click here. 


2 thoughts on “First Wedding Workshop — All in The Details Styled Workshop 2020

  1. Amazing detail shots! I am so happy and honored that you attended our workshop! I wish you nothing but the best!! You are killing the game!!

    Liked by 1 person

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