Freelance Writer

Specific duties of a freelance writer are someone who gathers information on a project-specific area, staying updated on grammar and project-related aspects, writing small drafts, proofreading the drafts, and checking for conceptual or grammatical errors in drafts, as well as working on articles that have been prepared by other freelance writers.

Ghost Writer 

A ghostwriter is responsible for staying completing behind the scenes but contributing to your writing segment such as the things that are listed above under freelance writer.


Prepare, rewrite, and edit copy to improve readability. Read copy or proof to detect and correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and syntax.


Allow me to provide coverage over your next event. I’ll promote it live on social media, follow up by doing a blog post (if wanted), publish it in my newsletter, and make sure to provide videos and pictures for the event on social media.

Email Marketing Manager

I’ll reach customers through email campaigns and inform them about new products and new events. I’ll be running your email campaigns from end-to-end, managing email databases (if needed), and creating newsletters.

Interactive Media & Marketing Manager

I’ll be in attendance of your events, from beginning to end (or hourly based), to provide efficient content to post on your social media. The content will include: pictures and videos (that will be edit) that will be posted on your social media either during your event or after your event is finished.

Branding Consultation

I’ll provide efficient feedback on your website, your newsletters, social media, or even give some marketing tips on what you can do to help your audience feel engaged with you as a person. This service will include a fee of $25.00, and it will only be for an hour. If you would like to book the consultation, just click here, and send payment to